K-Taping® Pro  -  all basic skills + professional cases

professional  kinesiologic  taping course - seminar  

for physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, ergo therapists, kinesio therapists and sports and rehabilitation doctors.

K-Taping® International academy is the biggest professional taping school.

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Course/seminar: 04 - 05. November  2022  (2 days)   Vilnius

Start: 04.11. at. 09:30 am (registration from 9.00 am) - 17:00

         05.11. from. 9:00 - 17:00

Venue: Green Vilnius Hotel Pilaites pr. 20, Karoliniskes, LT-04352, Vilnius (free parking place)

Theory: Basic principles of K Taping ® therapy. 4 basic taping techniques, their practical use, connectivity rules associated with specific therapeutic indications, Cross- taping, lymphatic correction tapes, etc.

Practice: K-Taping ® therapy for a variety of purposes - muscles, ligaments, fascia and correction methods, as well as the lymphatic correction techniques use. Cross Taping. NEW taping technics from KTA (see next page)

Course leader:      certified senior trainer from KTA Germany -  Dr. Roger Ehrenreich

Courses will be held in English.

Offer for fee: 180,00 EUR! Including VAT

NOTE: last date for application for this course – 24.10.2022!!!

The course fee includes:

The full set for the launching: all materials K-Tape, Cross-tape, scissors (on place), original KTA colored taping workbook ( A4, 110 pages) for you, in English; at course day a two coffee breaks; organized complex lunch at the hotel for additional price.

International  certificate of K Taping ® Pro course.

Document confirmation for 16 academic hours of this KTA International course in Lithuania in cooperation with Lietuvos kineziterapeutų draugija.

Please, download the attached application form from www.rehavita.eu/courses

 complete and submit membership application form and send to e-mail: info@rehavita.eu

Wellcome K-Taping® Pro training courses and learn new kinesiologic tape


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