Sanctband Anti Burst Gym Ball 65 cm

#S 018
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Sanctband Anti Burst Gym Ball is developed according to German safety standards and has obtained the TUV GS Certification. Should the Gym Ball be accidentally punctured, it would slowly deflate instead of bursting because of its designed burst resistance feature that ensures safe usage. It comes in 3 sizes of 55cm; 65cm; 75cm, catering to the user’s height and requirements.

Sanctband Anti Burst Gym Ball is widely used for physical therapy, fitness training, sitting posture adjustment and even replacing chairs in the office. Highly effective for training core muscle groups, it improves stability and muscle tone through the constant need to maintain balance. Sanctband Anti Burst Gym Ball comes deflated and can be easily inflated using a normal air pump.


Burst resistant feature
Easily inflated with a normal air pump
Trains core muscles
Improves balance and stability