IGLU SET 14X (Steps and Slide, Antislip)

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IGLU Soft Play Steps & Slides

For physical and intellectual development

IGLU steps & slides help to develop and teach:

  • Motor and balance sensations – crawling, climbing;
  • Develops creativity and logical thinking;
  • Improves vestibular (balance) function;
  • Develops spatial awareness;
  • Climbing the steps or sliding down the slides strengthens coordination and the use of the proper muscle groups;
  • For older children, combining blocks in the shapes of steps and slides can create a suitable environment for a variety of sports activities.

IGLU soft block steps and slides are toys that will not leave any child indifferent. The versatile use allows children to develop an interest in a variety of activities: from crawling for babies to adapting to different sports activities for older children. Various physical skills are developed during play – crawling, climbing, and a sense of balance. Playing with siblings and other friends also improves social skills.

As the child grows up, the soft block steps and slides can be used for other purposes – as a platform, a table with chair, and more.

IGLU soft block steps & slides are suitable for children from 1 year of age (under parental supervision) SIZE AND COLOR:

SET size: 48cm x 40cm x 192cm
Weight: 7.7

Note: The colors on the screen are informative because the brightness and contrast may differ depending on the screen you are using