Plush Star Projector Calm Ocean

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The Dynamic Aqua Projector. Dive into a soothing submarine world. Calm Ocean projects a beautiful submarine environment with a soft musical ambiance.
Includes 3 bedtime sleep programs to suit every child. Each preset scenario uses various parameters to help each child fall asleep: dynamism, rhythms, light intensity and sound volume. Parents just have to choose the best program to suit their child and your settings will be saved for every bed-time.
"Quietchild" starts a short sequence (20 mins) with 3 phases in descending intensity. "Restlesschild" is longer (40mins) and includes different rhythms and lights effects. The third program is a "babycrysensor" which allows the projector to turn-on automatically if the baby cries during the night. With a relaxing womb sound, this program calms down the child and parents don’t have to wake up!