How to buy

How to shop Rehavita online store

           order goods or write an e-mail:

      We deliver you the 1-3 working days after receipt of the payment in LV, 3-5 days to EE and LT and 7-14 days to rest of EU, if the selected item is in our warehouse.

          Internet-shop you can shop as a registered customer and without registration. By registering in the system, enter the necessary data for itself, documentation and supplies for the successful delivery to you. Registered customer advantage - making purchases again, you not have to enter their data.

How to order

           1. Select the required items from our offer and put it in the shopping cart by clicking the button "Add to cart". Goods which are put into the shopping cart, you can view at any time, add or delete from your shopping basket;

           2. Fill in the Order form by entering the required information, and click "Checkout"

        3. After registration of the order to your e-mail address will come the answer from our administrator to specify whether all the ordered goods within the given time are available and arrange a delivery time and place, as well as receive the payment of bills.

Payment options

          With Internet banking or bill paying bank.

          Carefully fill in all the data required to draw up the purchase. The bill will be sent to order the e-mail. Please, by the payment of the invoice to specify the number. Product delivery will be made only after a full bill of entry Rehavita Ltd. bank account. Receipt of the goods at the time you will have to sign bills of lading, which is a confirmation of the purchase payment.

          Before payment please expect an e-mail - a bill from the shop administration!

          All prices include VAT.


         1.    parcel terminal your address indicated

             Order Up to 3kg - delivery 2.50 EUR to any standard Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia.

             3-5 kg - 3,50 EUR to any standard Omniva parcel terminal in Latvia.

             Order delivery 5.00 - 7.00 EUR to any standard Omniva parcel terminal in Lithuania.

             Order delivery 5.00 - 7.00 EUR to any standard Omniva parcel terminal in Estonia.

Delivery to other EU countries by courier to your specified address.


         2.  courier to your home or office

                 Up to 3kg - Riga 3,50 EUR, the rest of Latvian territory - 4,50 to 8,50 EUR, depending on the zoning. 3-5 kg - 3,50 EUR.

                 3-5 kg ​​- Riga 4.10 EUR, the rest of Latvian territory - 7,50 to 11,50 EUR, depending on the zoning

Up to 3kg -  10.00 -16.00 EUR, the  Lithanian territory, depending on the zoning

Up to 3kg -  10.00 -16.00 EUR, the Estonian territory, depending on the zoning

Delivery to other EU countries we guarantee the best price for a product of the appropriate size and weight

Heavier and bulky goods delivery request in accordance with the shop administration! We will offer the best solution!

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