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User Data Security

Rehavita Ltd. guarantees all necessary measures to ensure the security of personal data and to prevent their unauthorized access to third parties.
Rehavita Ltd shall ensure the protection and security of the Buyers' personal data and their non-disclosure to third parties to the extent required by the Personal Data Protection Law and other legislation of the Republic of Latvia governing the processing and protection of personal data, except for Seller's partners providing rehavita. the supply of goods, financing of goods and provision of services purchased in the eu online store to the extent that personal data are required for the performance of the contract.
By purchasing goods and services offered by, the Buyer agrees and authorizes Rehavita Ltd. to register, enter, store, systematize, use and otherwise process the Buyer's personal data, as well as any data that the Buyer will subsequently provide to the Seller, to the extent necessary , to fulfill obligations;
The Buyer has the right to request that his / her personal data be supplemented or rectified, and to stop or erase it if personal data are incomplete, outdated, false or no longer necessary for the purpose of collection. Please send your request to
When registering on, the Buyer provides the following information:
     Name and surname; electronic mail address; Contact Phone; the delivery address of the goods; details of legal entities;
Seller shall use Buyer Information for the purpose of:
    Buyer registration on the site; fulfillment of mutual obligations towards the Buyer; site evaluation and job analysis; To inform the buyer about news or promotions.
The Seller has the right to send advertising and information notice to the Buyer. If the Buyer does not wish to receive notifications from the Seller of such content, he may send a corresponding notice by email to:
Disclosure of Information Received by Seller.
Seller undertakes not to disclose information received from Buyer. It is not a breach to transfer information about the Buyer to third parties (such as delivery services) acting under a contract entered into by the Seller for the purpose of fulfilling the Buyer's obligations.
Disclosure of information within the limits of the laws of the Republic of Latvia shall not be considered a violation of the rules.
The seller receives IP address information for visitors to This information is not used intentionally to identify the visitor.
The Seller is not responsible for the information provided publicly on the Buyer website

The information we collect about visitors through the website is processed according to their purpose. The cookie-related information is not used to personally identify the user (Buyer). If you want to delete cookies from your computer, follow the instructions that correspond to the Internet browser you are using. Deleting your browser history and cookies can make it difficult to access accounts on different websites, use personalized offers, and more.

Different rules
The relationship between the Buyer and the Seller shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
In the event of any queries or disagreements, the Buyer shall contact the Seller by telephone or email. Any dispute arising shall be resolved as far as possible by negotiation between the Parties. Failing agreement, the dispute shall be submitted to the courts in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.