Delivery to Omniva parcel machine.

Delivery to Omniva parcel machine in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Delivery time 3-7 days, depending on invoice payment time and product availability, delivery fee in Latvia: from 2,50 EUR, in Lithuania and Estonia from 5,00 EUR, for goods up to 3 kg and standard size of Omniva boxes. We ship the shipments after payment of the prepaid invoice. When confirming your order, choose the Omniva parcel machine that is closest to you. You will receive a parcel opening code in a text message to the specified phone. Delivery of goods at Omniva parcel terminal - 24 hours a day. The shipment is stored in the parcel machine for 7 days. If you do not collect the shipment by the end of the storage period, it will be returned to the warehouse.

Delivery to the desired address by courier.

Courier deliveries throughout the EU. Delivery time is 3-14 days, depending on invoice payment time and product availability. In order for the courier to deliver the parcel with your full address and zip code when ordering, make sure to add your phone number. Once the shipment arrives, the courier will contact you to arrange delivery. If delivery is impossible, the item will be sent to the nearest post office. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment, which will allow you to receive it at the post office indicated on the shipment notice.
Delivery in Latvia: from 5,50 EUR, Lithuania and Estonia from 5,50 - 15,00 EUR, for goods up to 3 kg and standard sizes.
For large items, delivery costs can reach 40 EUR in Latvia, 50 - 80 EUR in EU - delivery information is indicated on the item or will be sent to the buyer separately for each non-standard case. guarantee each customer the most convenient and cost effective way of delivery.

CAUTION! Upon receipt of your order confirmation, please carefully check all information. Changing the delivery address / shipping method after the shipment is shipped is a paid service (shipping fee depends on the new shipping method you choose).The Buyer is obliged to visually inspect the outer packaging of the goods in the presence of the courier before signing the delivery note for any visible defects in the packaging or the goods. If defects are discovered, the buyer has the right to refuse to accept the product and to inform the seller immediately so that the defective product can be replaced as soon as possible.
In some cases, it is possible to get the item at office, with prior appointment with a store consultant.