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We offer goods for health, rehabilitation, sports and wellness.

Goods for professionals and everyday users. Most of our products are direct deliveries from recognized brand manufacturers in their industry. We only offer EU certified manufacturer goods. This guarantees high quality of goods. Due to direct shipping and dealership distribution agreements with manufacturers, rehavita.eu offers affordable prices and fast delivery to its customers, a wide range of products, affordable prices and useful information to help you make an informed choice.

Who we are?

Rehavita Ltd. was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering the best goods to its customers in the industry. You can view and order the goods at www.rehavita.eu. In addition, the professional use training courses of many of the manufacturers we represent are run by our dedicated professionals. Today, we operate throughout the Baltics and offer competitive products in other EU countries.

rehavita.eu is available for purchase at:

K-Tape® and KUMBRINK® Cross Tape Tape Accessories for Kinesiological Tape (Germany); www.k-tape.com

Gymnastic - Resistance Rubber and Other Goods from Sanctband® (Germany / Malaysia); www.sanctband.com

IGLU SOFT soft pads for children's play and development (Latvia); www.rehavita.eu

Compression socks from Sportlast® (Spain); www.sportlast.es

Medical compression products from Medilast® (Spain); www.medilast.com

Eurotramp® professional trampolines and trampolines (Germany); www.eurotramp.com/de-en/

Multi-sensory equipment from Barry Emons (Netherlands); www.barryemons.com

COSIMED professional cosmetics for physiotherapy and wellness (Germany); www.cosimed.de

With all manufacturers SIA Rehavita has direct contracts and contacts, which provide producer prices, complete information about the offered goods, quality guarantee.

Our dedicated specialists, trainers from professional organizations in Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, provide training in kinesiology taping, trampoline physiotherapy courses, and we are attracting new and useful goods and knowledge for professionals and customers.
Each category of goods is divided into several sub-categories. Selection filters and product descriptions make search easier. You can also use the search function on the website by typing the product name in the appropriate box.

Also, if necessary, contact our consultants by phone or email: info@rehavita.eu

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