Balance cushion Sanctband ™ Blueberry

#S 020
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Sanctband Balance Cushion

Sanctband Balance Cushion is a small inflatable cushion/disc 33cm in diameter that adds an element of instability to any workout. It helps to achieve joint stabilization (through improving proprioception) and train the core muscle groups with its unstable surface.

The Sanctband Balance Cushion features 2 different surfaces, one with raised nodules and the other smoother. The raised nodules allow for greater sensory function and acts as a grip for stabilization. By decreasing the amount of air within the cushion to increase instability, the difficulty can be heightened and vice versa. Sanctband Balance Cushion comes inflated and can easily be adjusted using a normal air pump.

Colours available: Lime Green and Blueberry (Diameter: 33cm)

Better grip and stabilisation with raised nodules surface
Helps to achieve joint stabilisation
Train core muscle groups
Train proprioception
Powder free
Reduced latex material