Sanctband Exercise Tubing 1,4 m with handles + door anchor

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#S 044
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BLUEBERRY - heavy resistive

The Sanctband resistive exercise tubing is produced with a multi dipping latex manufacturing technology causing the product to consist out of many latex-layers. That’s why the Sanctband tubings are characterized by their excellent elongation-capacity and outstanding breakage-resistance.

The comfortable handles, covered with foam, are firmly connected to the tubing, so as it feels extra safe without any slipping. Thanks to the included door anchor exercises, which usually can’t be performed alone or without a wall bar, can now be easily performed at home. The attached door anchor makes any door a training station for a variety of total body fitness and strength exercises. The tubings are extremely durable and resistant.


In addition to therapy and rehabilitation, they are used also especially in fitness and strength sports. With the tubings of Sanctband in 6 different resistance strengths there are great possibilities for exercises, from medical training therapy to home-based fitness training.

  • High quality tubings with multi dipping latex manufacturing technology
  • Excellent elongation properties and wear resistance
  • Separate tubing, 1,4m, with handles and door anchor
  • Suitable for therapy, rehabilitation and fitness training
  • Simple in use
  • Handles covered with foam for safe and comfortable use



  • Widely used for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness and strength training.
  • Simple and straightforward in use
  • Low powder / pleasant to use
  • Reducing of the natural adhesive latex protein
  • Reduction of the allergenic potential (hypoallergenic)
  • Certified product safety through a lot of test reports and certifications (TÜV-GS)
  • Long lasting usage
  • Manufactured with Eco-Friendliness (made of the complete biologically degradable natural latex)