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Who did not like to go down the slide as a child! Do you want your child to have this joy every day? With the slide created by IGLU blocks, your child will be able to do it whenever he wants! The slide will help your child develop motor skills and sense of balance, as well as provide fun-filled playtime!

The set will be perfect for children from 3 years old.

The forms of IGLU soft blocks are made of polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure - soft and extremely light. Upholstered in tough faux vinyl leather material. The forms are durable and easy to care for. Perfect for playing.

IGLU products have received the CE mark in accordance with EU Directive 88/378/EEC: Safety of toys.

Enjoy the fun of playing with colors and shapes!

Set size: 60cm x 80cm x 165cm
Weight: 6.4 kg

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