Gymnastic rubber - resistance band Sanctband ™ peach - very light resistance

color - resistance / lengh:
#S 031
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Sanctband ™ gymnastic rubbers are made from natural rubber latex material. The width of the rubber band is 15 cm. Gymnastics rubbers are available in six types of resist / color:

 peachik - the weakest; orange; lime; blueberry; plum; gray - the strongest.

To determine the rubber resistance in kg, please see attached picture.

Gymnastics rubbers are suitable for exercises designed to improve balance, strength and muscle flexibility. Widely used in sports training, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, yoga and pilates classes.

The Sanctband ™ material is non-powdered and has a reduced latex protein which is important for people with allergic reactions to latex material. Don't stick. Lasts longer without losing resistance. Hypoallergenic material!



Price is for 1 meter, 1,5 meter or 2 meters.

When ordering, choose the required strength and length.

Ask your store's administration for custom rubber lengths.