Qubo Comfort 90

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Seat bags and poufs Qubo Comfort 90

we offer the most complete set: with an additional inner bag and ECO leather cover. Included in the price!

We have prepared surprises for next season!

Rehavita offers all Qubo models from a new generation of eco-leather, which incorporates a special technology (luvers) that allows the models to breathe and AVOID damage caused by air compression pressure. Wonderful choice of colors. High quality and sustainable material.

Choose a leather cover color.

The most popular saddlebag model that fully adapts to the human body posture.
Choose the posture you like, immerse yourself in the sitting bag and feel comfortable and safe.
This shape of the beanbag allows you to lie on your stomach and back and play your favorite video games or watch shows.
The Comfort 80 is a teen model that can also be used as a solution for a small space, saving space and money.
Thanks to the specially designed fabric handle, this sitting bag is easy to move and even hang on the wall, which allows you to find an effective solution if it needs to be stored for some time when not in use.
High quality materials are used in the production of the beanbag, filling - polystyrene granules.


Made in Latvia: Qubo
We only ship Qubo items by courier within 3 business days of paying the invoice. Delivery time is usually 2-3 working days in Latvia, 7-10 working days in the EU.