Underwater Trampoline

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The newest development from Eurotramp!

Eurotramp revolutionises the aqua aerobics sector! The completely innovative and very high-quality underwater trampoline can be used with other training aids (e.g Thera-Bands, weights, sticks, dumbbells, pool noodles), is very versatile, provides effective fitness training and 100% fun. As well as in aqua aerobics, this underwater trampoline can also be used in training, therapy and for fun.

Product details:
Frame construction made from V4A stainless steel, 100x100x27 cm
4 removable legs made from V4A stainless steel with suction cups
Trampoline bed made from PVC coated mesh material 73.5 x 73.5 cm
28 steel springs made from V4A stainless steel
Shock absorbing frame padding made from high quality swimming pool liner, securely connected to the trampoline bed with hook-and-loop fastening

Chlorine water resistant
Weight: 15 kg
Patent pending

Technical Details
Rahmenhöhe 27 cm
Mattress: 73.5x73.5 cm
Frame: 100x100x27 cm
Water depth: Deep water, Shallow water