IGLU set of blocks SET 5, 8 forms

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Each kid is special with his or her individual development, so the environment created by the IGLU kit will be appropriate to promote the child's comprehensive development. Blocks will help your children develop motor skills, logic and creativity, and enjoy playing !! The IGLU kit will be perfect for children and infants from 6 to 36 months.

IGLU pad sets will also be a great help in physiotherapy and sports!

IGLU pad shapes are made of polyethylene foam with closed cell structure - soft and lightweight. Covered with rigid artificial vinyl leather. The molds are durable and easy to maintain. Perfect for play.

IGLU products are CE marked according to EU Directive 88/378 / EEC: Safety of Toys.

The color scheme is shown in the pictures

Package size: 90cm x 140cm x 130cm
Weight: 5.6 kg

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