Interactive Sandbox is a highly engaging product that stimulates the senses, getting children actively involved and entertained. High brightness content is projected onto sand, creating a fully interactive 3D world. iSandbox is an exciting, new learning tool that opens a world of possibilities where children explore the sand to discover music, texture and sound. It creates a unique environment where entertainment, engagement, activity and learning fuse into one – creating an amazing, engaging experience. Teachers love how quickly the students become involved. iSandbox lets lava flow, oceans swirl, grass grow and bubbles blow! iSandBOX also helps children learn about colours and numbers and how to draw and explore their surroundings.

Children find iSandBOX and its games entertaining and exciting. They learn and play at the same time, which makes iSandBOX not only educational, but also fun!


iSandbox uses Augmented Reality to take a traditional sandpit to magical new proportions. A unique interactive software program, projector and depth measuring sensor work together to transform the sandpit into realistic 3D textures of water, mountains, volcanoes, snow and many other objects. This is coupled with beautiful music, the sounds of nature and unique graphics. Children are intrigued by sand play. They sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel of it, pretend play with it and explore how it moves.


The children of each generation are unique in their own way, but as the years go by one interest has remained prevalent – sand. An interaction of body and mind – sand aids in the development and growth of children. Irrespective of age or their individual stages of development, the sand box offers a nurturing and enticing environment where children can experiment through play. The benefit of sand play is derived from its simplicity, which fosters interaction in children. Sand play provides a platform for the application of math and science, a stage for self-expression and the wonders of the imagination. Playing in the sand hones the social skills of children and nurtures their creative side. Playing with sand can help our kids to:

create together with other children various projects like mountains and lakes;
discover different land and water objects by feeling, patting, shaping and digging;
develop fine motor skills and strengthen their muscles as they move the sand around;
promote creativity and imagination through role developing stories;
improve hand-eye coordination.
All methods of sand play from digging to building should be received with encouragement. Instinctive to each child is a sense of creativity and imagination.

Augmented reality technology by iSandBox stretches the teacher’s ability to designexceptional learning environments for children. Educators use this interactive tool to enable students to express ideas and to foster rich language use. In response to their evolving ideas and interests, teachers anticipate and extend children’s learning via open-ended questioning; encouraging feedback and dialogue about the experience, challenging their thinking and subsequently guiding their learning. With iSandBOX young students have access to an incredible amount of new opportunities. It helps children to become better problem solvers and better practical thinkers.


Fun and exciting delivery of educational materials. Studies have proven that new information is retained better when it is associated with a positive experience.


iSandBOX has been used in a number of educational settings, such as pre-school education, special needs education, therapy and creative training. Similar tools are used in construction for terrain simulation.


Offers variety for children with 20 unique pre-installed Scenarios. Each game has a different learning experience covering volcanos, rivers, mountings, oceans, dinosaurs, safari, the ice age, war games, colour, numbers and much more.


Augmented reality makes iSandBOX an innovative education method that improves children’s development, stimulates creativity and imagination.


Flexibility and a multitude of game modes make our animated sand box is one of the most universal tools for education, training and group activities. It has also been successfully used in special needs education.


We care about the planet. Our Interactive Sandbox is made from harmless, recyclable, and non-toxic materials.


Made in EU. CE certificated.

iSandbox Standard

iSandbox Standard

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