iSandbox Mini

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215 x 116 x 94 cm
90 kg
150 kg
Projector · depth sensor control display · PC · Tablet · Audio Speakers

The iSandBOX Mini is a slightly smaller version of the iSandBOX Standard and is ideally used by smaller groups consisting of up to around 6 children. The Mini can be fitted with wheels (entirely optional) which helps to improve its portability. The iSandBOX Mini can be operated via the display on the unit itself or via an Android tablet.

The ISandBOX Mini is a slightly smaller version of the iSandBOX Standard and is ideal for smaller groups of about 6 children. The Mini can be equipped with wheels (completely optional) to help improve its portability. The ISandBOX Mini can be operated from the device's own display or Android tablet.

Standard programs (19):
Ocean: flora and fauna; Safari; Topography, levels; Dinosaur era; Seasons; Painting -
paints; Volcanoes; Landscape; Spring stream; Ice-age; Art painting; Corals, Day and
night; Balloons; Colors, numbers; Measuring; Butterflies; Nature; Dragons; Garden, confectionery; Crystals;
Farm; Mushroom world.

iSandBOX - M

set includes: durable metal frame, powerful projector, depth sensor, Android Tablet, iSandbox software, 19
programs, monitor, game switchboard, quartz sand 150 kg.
WiFi connection required. Online service and maintenance. Training.

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